Our flagship story: Solus : The Darkness of Space

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Right now T. K. Trian are working on our sci-fi piece, Solus: The Darkness of Space.


Lise Armfelt joins the International Law Enforcement of Solus with intentions so good, they pave her way straight to hell.

Solus, Earth’s capricious space colony, was built with the blood of convicts, but now their descendants want to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Soon Lise realizes that the constant clashes between ILES and violent gangs have her doing more killing than protecting. Her philanthropic goals are further sidetracked by her offbeat team leader, Jonathan ”Reggie” Reagan. His personal vendetta against Vincent Léon, a notorious gang leader, takes Lise to places she never knew existed, and if she had, she never would have wanted to visit.

The threat of an all-out war between ILES and the gangs, corruption that reaches the highest offices of Solus, and the isolation of space quickly drain Lise’s innocence, but too many will die unless she goes above and beyond the call of duty. In the end, she learns that the darkness of space is more than just a metaphor.



Solus is a mixture of military sci-fi and horror with a dollop of social commentary and a tiny hint of romance.



2 thoughts on “Our flagship story: Solus : The Darkness of Space

  1. Read this on a cell and typing this comment on one, as well. I can see the definite improvement from the one I read. This has much more humor and each page was full of interesting bits. Great revising. I’ll email you guys my more detailed thoughts tomorrow morning.

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