It’s Caturday!

To honor the fact that it’s Caturday, the only day of the week when T. K. Trian actually get some friggin’ rest amidst all that real world crap, we will post below some pics of our dearest animal friends.

Henry the Cat

Henry the Cat

Nora the Siberian Laika

Nora the Siberian Laika

Tatra, K's "pet horse"

Tatra, K’s “pet horse”

Turrikka the Pole Cat

Turrikka the Pole Cat

Rocky the Cat - R.I.P.

Rocky the Cat – R.I.P.

Guderian "Kameli", R.I.P.

Guderian “Kameli”, R.I.P.

Paris, the sweetest little filly ever :)

Paris, the sweetest little filly ever 🙂

Mörri the kitty! He’s so sweet even the toughest-looking dudes, like T and K’s bro are totally this little kitten’s bitches!

Henry IV is Toni’s sister’s young scallywag of a cat. He lives like the king he’s named after.

Nora is the puppy of K’s mom. She’s one over-excited little doggy, always up for all kinds of shenanigans and already fiercely loyal to her owners.

Tatra is the young filly of Momba Soratie, an accomplished dressage rider. Every week K goes to the stables to pamper this cute wild thing who’s so far sprained K’s wrist and flattened her feet a couple of times ;P

Turrikka, who looks just like Rocky, T’s passed-away family cat, was a real climber. K’s mom and her spouse owned this furry little thing who then went and escaped. Maybe she’s still alive somewhere…

Rocky, T’s family cat, now passed away, but always remembered as the furrysome grumpy old sir who was the boss of every hooman around him. And why not, look at that cute furriness!

Kameli, old boy, won T’s heart. Soul mates, just like T and Rocky. Kameli was the gentlest thing on this side of paradise, always kind (and hungry). Previously owned by Momba, now galloping on the heavenly prairies.

Paris was K’s short-time friend at the stables. The cutesiest little filly and everyone’s favorite. She sometimes got a bit scared on the walks in the woods…

Mörri is the tiny, tabby kitty-kat of K’s brother and his spouse. He’s something of a misfit, always pushing over plants, stealing food, and waking up his owners way too early in the morning. Just like a cat should!

We have written our animal friends into our stories as well, so that they may–as cheesy as it sounds–live forever! 😀


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