The Importance of Being a Critter

By K. Trian

It’s been a while since team T. K. Trian has scribbled down any blog updates. To be honest, we have been very busy lately (real life gets in the way. Blah). And not only are we still endlessly editing and revising Solus (that novel is a friggin’ juggernaut), we’ve done some other critting on the side. Critting as in critique.

I’ve come to realize how incredibly useful critting really is.

1) You understand better what helps, what hinders your own reading experience.

2) You are not as blind to someone else’s text as you are to your own.

3) You understand better what makes writing effective. The verb choices, the flow, the balance between description and action, and so on.

Of course I also feel like an asshole from time to time. I try not to bash anyone, and I want to end the critique on a positive note. But sometimes it’s difficult to rein in the reactions, and lo and behold, I’m getting snarky with the poor, bold writer. As if it wasn’t scary enough to put your work out there, but now you have to deal with some jealous little spinster of a bitch (unless they checked my bio and saw I’m married) who doesn’t even practice what she preaches! Yet I don’t believe in treating the person looking for feedback with the silk gloves on either, so to speak. I’d be doing disservice to them if I, for the fear of appearing cruel, decided not to be honest.

Which, I guess, adds one more thing to my list why critting is important:

4) You hone your writing and communication skills.

Of course, it’s not just the critter who has to show some respect. The writer has to be able to accept the critique in a sensible way. Don’t get defensive even if you feel like that dumbass spinster-bitch didn’t get your amazing vision. Just thank her. Ignore the things you disagree with. Your work is your work. Yes, you will hopefully share it with the world one day, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise everything because someone said so. Sure, if it’s a choir of people telling you your grammar is awful, listen to them. Chances are, your grammar really is awful.

Besides, I don’t know about you, guys, but I tend to learn really damn well through trial and error.

This also goes with critting. There are still some shitty crits by K. Trian out there on the internet.

But hopefully I’ll get better and can help fellow writers in their quest to become better at their craft. I must say, I’m immensely thankful to every critter out there who’s helped with our writing. You are doing an important job; keep at it, and it’ll make you better writers as well!

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a picture of our dog ogling at a moose.


Sunshine and bon-bons to y’all!

K. Trian


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