School’s Out, Summer’s Here!

By K. Trian

Oh happy day. Yesterday I handed in my last school assignment (I know it’s crap, but as long as I pass the course), today the sun is shining, and it’s warm like in the Mediterranean (Finnish summers usually equal lots of rain and mosquitoes).

We also made some progress yesterday with the revision of our WIP, Solus. Took big chunks of boringness and fluff out and fought a little over how women react when there’s another naked lady in the room who isn’t supposed to be naked (I still hold women are so accustomed in the existence of boobs they wouldn’t make a big deal out of someone else’s, though, of course, individual variation is entirely possible).

I was messing with balloons before the event. I work part-time at DHL.

I was messing with balloons before the event. I work part-time at DHL.

I’m also pretty stoked ‘cause I ran 10K last Sunday in a women’s only running event Naisten Kymppi. Thanks, DHL, my part-time workplace for paying the entrance fee! 51 min isn’t much to brag about, but I had fun, and that’s the important thing. T. Trian participated in StadiCup 2013 match 2 (SSG), practical pistol shooting, on Wednesday. Their squad didn’t win medals this time, but, again, the important thing is to have fun.

I’m really looking forward to June. We’re planning a road trip to Turku to attend a big Medieval Fair, Keskiaikaiset markkinat., which is going to be so sweet! If only we didn’t have so much work, we could really enjoy the summer, the nightless nights, the warmth, the mosquitoes… Oh well, gotta put the bread on the table somehow, and find time to enjoy the sun and writing. Maybe we’ll finish the revisions for Solus during the summer, ‘cause that’d be awesome.

Have a sunny day everyone and feel free to share your summer plans (or, if your side of the planet isn’t in the summer mode… share something else :D)

Mom's West-Siberian laika, Nora, loves playing in the lake.

Mom’s West-Siberian laika, Nora, loves playing in the lake.


3 thoughts on “School’s Out, Summer’s Here!

      • T.Trian here (skiving off work, again). For the record, the scene we got stuck with wasn’t about a straight girl suddenly having lesbian tendencies, but I just figured she would’ve been more bothered by a naked girl sitting beside her ’cause she’s shy and awkward about sexuality in general 😛
        Anyhoo, I still have no idea about how well my squad did in the shooting competition because frankly, I don’t give a damn: I only compete to improve myself so as long as my performance improves from event to event, I’m happy.
        Oh, and I gotta brag a little: K.Trian ran with around 22 000 women and finished among the 10 (or so) fastest ladies. [sap]She’s my very own wonder woman ^^ <3[/sap]

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