New Autumn’s Resolutions


By K. Trian

I’ve always found making resolutions at New Year somewhat difficult and forced while I’m way better at resolutions in the autumn. That’s when a new academic year starts, I usually end up doing or looking for a new job or several, start new hobbies or continue old ones, and all in all become more productive than during summer.

My resolutions for this autumn:

The resolution: I will start my Master’s Thesis, and even though my future profession will most likely be an English/French teacher, I was planning to write the thesis about a literature subject instead of an educational one (well, it can be educational too, but you get the point). So my first resolution is to be sharp right from the start, get and keep my shit together, and really try to make a good thesis out of it.
The outcome: I get my “priorities” straight and start to slack off mid-term and my thesis turns out mediocre because everyone says it doesn’t really matter as long as I get my diploma and my ass out of university.

The resolution: I will substitute in local schools as much as I can to gain invaluable work-experience.
The outcome: I will work hard and with a crazy schedule up until Christmas, then I’ll suffer a burn-out and spend the spring slacking off.

The resolution: I will save money for a trip to the US for summer 2014.
The outcome: Our car will break down approximately 3-5 times over the course of winter and eats all the savings.

The resolution: I will continue a previously neglected hobby and practice at least twice a week.
The outcome: I get swamped once again with work and school that I barely have the energy to practice my old hobbies.

The resolution: T and I will finish editing Solus.
The outcome: Possibly the only one of the resolutions that will actually stick.

How about you, guys? Any autumn resolutions you’d like to share? 🙂

P.S. Here’s a picture taken this morning. I was heading to my summer job and saw the rainbow(s) hinting that’s where I can find my pot of gold. Well, my salary begs to differ…

Well, this is ironic!

Well, this is ironic!


7 thoughts on “New Autumn’s Resolutions

  1. I like the realism in there. My resolution: get the first draft of my third book finished before the end of the year. The outcome: either it works, or I keep procrastinating like I’m doing at the moment and take another year for the first draft. I will finish it though, even if it kills me…

    • That’s the spirit! Well, the finishing part. On the other hand, a little procrastination here and there never hurt anyone… Besides, it’s easier to get writing stuff done–even if it’s just our meager first attempt at a novel–than get “real life” stuff done =P

  2. My resolution is to get through Radio Silence with as little damage as possible. Let me tell you. Writing Radio Silence has changed the way I write. It’s all I can do not to stay awake at night worrying about it. Good luck with your resolutions, though. The realism of ’em is cool.

    I used to make very unrealistic resolutions like finish my book, edit it, etc. Now, I just hope that I write something I end up liking. That’s all I can hope for. : )

    • It sounds like you’ve really taken a huge step forward as a writer! We are still veeery much working on Solus, which is our number one project still. We also have the other story we were thinking about submitting to JukePop, but… we’re not so sure about that yet, since it’d be nice to get Solus out there, and it’s difficult to focus fully on two things at once.

      • Definitely. I haven’t been able to work on anything else as much as I have been working on Radio Silence. This is mostly because I submitted Radio Silence when I only had 7k words written, so I now have to write a chapter a day before submitting it. xD

        So, I think it’s a much smarter idea to get things straightened out before submitting. : )

      • To be honest, couldn’t even imagine working like that! You probably have the whole plot planned out in advance? Or do you just make it up as you go along? ’cause that’s something we couldn’t do. We edit and revise a lot because all kinds plot holes always seem to appear, or idiosyncracies in characterization…

      • To a certain extent, I know a few things about what’s going to happen. I’ve even picked out the song for the end. But, I mostly wing it. So, it can be very stressful. I never imagined I’d have to write chapters literally the day before I submit it. Now when shows take an extra week, I no longer get mad. I mean, it’s probably much worse for them. But, I know a little bit about the pressure that they go through. xD

        You’ll be happy to know, though, that there’s now an editing option on Jukepop Serials. So, as long as you don’t completely delete a character, I think you two will do just fine.

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