About T. K. Trian

T. K. Trian is a pseudonym for two aspiring writers, Katri and Toni Atanassov. It’s also an ambitious literary project, born several years ago from the realization “hell, if we cannot find books that we really like, why not write them, then?”

After that, the stories have just kept coming and coming…

The purpose of this blog is to expand our literary universe from the proverbial desk drawer out for everyone to enjoy (or hate). On this site you can hunt information about our books and the authors, explore excerpts and contribute to our work, feast your eyes on our clumsy art straight from the heart, and eventually order the first story to be published as an e-book.

“So, who the hell are you, guys?”

T. K. Trian consists of Katri and her uglier half, Toni, joined together by wedlock. We’ve known each other since late 2006 and nowadays both study English philology at the Helsinki University (though Toni’s entertaining some funky ideas about changing his major to psychology).

In addition to writing, we are avid sports fans although we prefer doing sports to watching them. Our favorites include combat sports, running, swimming, lifting iron at the gym (though we’re both pencil necks), equestrian sports, as well as IPSC shooting.

Toni is also involved in two musical projects, the funk/rock/metal/punk/renaissance-music freak of a band, Niavka, and Guitar Trio Atanassov (classical music).

Still, our main passion is writing. Most often something gritty, spiced up with paranormal, and a hefty dollop of action. Our heroes tend to be heroines and our novels very long (even after removing the inevitable excesses).

We hope You enjoy our art even half as much as we enjoy producing it!



6 thoughts on “About T. K. Trian

  1. Hi, aruna from AW here! Enjoyed reading about you and your blog entries. Good luck with your writing! I’m not info SF myself but I know lots of readers are.

  2. I think a lot of writers write novels they’d like to find on the bookshelf (if they hadn’t written them themselves).

    Good luck with your current project and those that follow.

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