Wow, awesome!

Here are some links to the blogs of fellow writers as well as to other nifty websites!

Fellow writers:

Writer’s Periodical
– J. A. Romano’s blog: a funny guy and fantasy writer, will probably make history as the youngest New York Times best-selling SFF author. Check his blog for amusing writing-related posts and TV/movie reviews!

– Linda Adams’ blog about story-telling and soldiering. Lots of tips for anyone writing ‘strong women.’ She’s already published too!

Acerbic Writing
– C. Hill’s blog. A fantasy noir writer from Deep South and a future author to be reckoned with, we wager!

Theft and Sorcery – Erica Dakin’s blog. She writes fantasy with elves and half-elves, very interesting stuff!

War of Memory
– We came across H. Anthe Davis through Jian’s and Erica’s blogs. Wow, these novels, the world, everything’s done so beautifully and with such detail! We’re very jealous. Now here’s obviously an author who deserves more fame!

-Delise is an aspiring author from Japan. Find her fascinating prose from her blog.

Tea and Cider
– Isabelle is a published author in French, but just like us, aspires to publish in English as well. She can also be found at (in French):

The School of European Swordsmanship – Ok, so Guy Windsor is the man, ‘nuf said!

The best writing forum there is (and we’ve been to a few). Free speech, nice people, an open community, and more lenience towards stupidity x)


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