Be everything you can be. T. K. Trian is not just about expressing ourselves in the written form. We love to create the whole package: music and pictures alongside the story. While we are yet to become adept enough at drawing, hopefully at some point we would be able to upload some ‘book art’ on this website as well or add links to where the pictures can be browsed. Of course, they only represent our vision and every reader, every individual is entitled to one or several of their own.

Music. While Toni is the creative force behind the music and many of his songs have been inspired by our stories, we also owe immensely to those accomplished artists who have provided the background soundtrack to our stories. You can find more information about the artists and songs under ‘Miscellaneous.’

The recreational side of it. Another thing we value high is realism. While we cannot join a medieval war campaign or steer a space ship, we try to gain as much experience as possible about the things we want to write. And we often write about things we love to do. On this website, we have also gathered tips and information on the things that have influenced us. We’d love to share those with You.


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