Literary Influences

We truly stand on the shoulders of giants

We bow and tip our hats to


Charles Bukowski

Bret Easton Ellis

Stephen King

George Orwell

for influencing us in the beginning.

However, later on we have found similarities between us and such accomplished, wonderful artists and visionaries as…


Joe Abercrombie

Tanya Huff

Robert Heinlein

Joss Whedon

And special thanks to…


Herbjorg Wassmo and Vigdis Grímsdóttir for helping us understand womanhood.

William Blake and Walt Whitman for finding just the words to describe what life is really about.



Lean on Sharp Edges

Geoff Thompson, our perhaps favorite “combat guru”, has not only influenced our writing but our lives as well to a fair degree. He has encouraged people to “lean on sharp edges” which we understand as challenging oneself, facing difficult even potentially painful situations so that we can grow as individuals. Because of this, martial arts are a prominent part of our lives as well as prevalent in our books. Is there a better place where to feel uncomfortable and get hurt than a boxing or BJJ club? They are perfect places of growth and development — both physical and mental. And the strength you can get there, you can use in other places as well, be it before the class when you are teaching a classful of restless teenagers or preparing for a university exam of a particularly challenging kind or hunting for that perfect job… or writing a book.


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