Our Writing

Our joint writing project was first launched some five years ago when we talked about how both of us had been writing stories on our own since we were kids. At first it was just for shits and giggles, but at one point we found ourselves writing hours upon hours practically every day, sometimes pulling over 10h all-nighters even though we had lectures to attend the next morning. That was when we first realized we had found a shared passion and here we are.

Our stories are for anyone over 18 years old who enjoys fantasy, science fiction, gritty adventure — ingredients that we too enjoy!

P.S. Here you will NOT find what is generally considered fan-fiction. Then again, in a way we are fans; fans of many popular culture products and phenomena and our stories partly stem from fandom of certain genres… and our stories are fiction… hell, suppose there is more fan-fiction out there than we ever thought!


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