The Solus Trilogy:

Our flagship is a piece of (military) science fiction, the Solus Trilogy. The first book ‘Darkness of Space‘ recounts the adventures of a mismatched ensemble cast:

Lise Armfelt: joins ILES and becomes a ranger so that she can help the people of Solus. Instead, she is drawn into Reggie’s personal war against Vincent Léon and FDL; a war that is about to expand into a Solus-wide conflict…
Lieutenant Jonathan Reagan aka Reggie or Blacktongue: looking to settle a personal score with the elusive FDL gangster, Vincent Léon, if only he can find him first.
Amélie Prideaux: the only lead Reggie has in order to find Vincent, but she’s got plans of her own. All Amélie wants is to be free, but it seems it’s either her FDL past and current pirate clan, the Saxons, or the rangers that keep chaining her down.
Chris Adams: running from the law, Chris wants to disappear in Solus, but his feelings for Amélie keep him close to the very people he should avoid.
Anna “Sundance” Ward: has only one goal in her life, and that is to find a provider, a kind (and preferably rich) soul who will save her from herself. Unfortunately, the only person who loves her unconditionally is a piss-poor, Solus-born teenager.
Oliver Hendricks: The piss-poor, Solus-born teenager, hopelessly in love with Sundance, which leads him to abandon his sheltered life and pursue a career of a teenage delinquent alongside the Vandals, a bitter rival of Amélie’s clan, the Saxons.




2 thoughts on “Solus

  1. I read all of Solus Part 1 – The Rangers without stopping and it was quite a wonderful experience! The characters, especially Lise, are all interesting and likable. You guys did an excellent job with Lise’s language difficulties which were quite like my own when I learned my second language. I can’t wait to read more of your writing! Keep up the good work!

    On a side note I thought it was hilarious that you put that your writing is for people older than 18 because today is my 18th birthday.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for your comments, glad you enjoyed our writing. If there was anything that caught your eye that we could improve, please let us know, it would be much appreciated 🙂 We’re still exploring different avenues of publishing, but we update this blog regularly so feel free to follow us and you’ll be among the first to know when the full novel is out. Also, happy birthday, 18 is a good age, welcome to adulthood 🙂

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